The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has been the leading professional membership association for licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners since 1857. The AIA Corpus Christi chapter was incorporated in 1960 as a way to bring local architects together to continue advancement and development in the profession. Representing approximately 80,000 members nationally, 6,000 members statewide, and 100 members locally; this three-tiered organization is the largest voice of the architectural community.

AIA Corpus Christi unites the community of design professionals who live and work in the Texas Coastal Bend by connecting directly with architects, associates, and professionals in the design and build industries. Acting as a resource to the general public, AIA Corpus Christi utilizes its vast local and national opportunities to educate, promote and encourage ongoing support and appreciation of innovative and historic architecture.


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Check out the TAC Challenge from our 2016 TAC Director Connie Rivera.

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Join this year’s contributors and support architectural adovacy at the state and national levels of our government.

TAC and ArchiPAC are non-profit and political action organizations for architects.  TAC helps advocacy efforts at the state level, while ArchiPAC is focused at the national level.  Texas members of the AIA can participate by contributing to both organizations. TAC and ArchiPAC thank all contributors for their generous support of their advocacy efforts on behalf of the architectural profession.


Goal 100%
Goal 30%

TAC Update:

Well, we are now down to the wire and incredibly close to goal!  Below are the stats as they were at the end of October with the addition of Rob Garcia who stepped up at the TxA Conference last week and contributed.   I don’t have the report on others who may have also contributed during the conference and I hope to have that in the next couple of days.  Also a special thanks to Jorge Ollervides, and Jason Young who are repeat contributors this past month!

Thank you to all those who have contributed thus far.  Here are our stats!

  •          AIA CC Goal:                   $5,600
  •          Received to Date:          $5,435 or 97% **
  •          Needed:                            $  165 to meet goal!**
  •          Contributor Goal:           30 persons
  •          Contributors:                   33 or 110%

** This is based on confirmed amounts – I am aware of others who have contributed in the past week, but do not have confirmed amounts.
The challenge is still on!   Let’s keep up the momentum.   We are less than $200 to goal!

Thank You to Members who have already contributed:
Debbie Montez – AIA Corpus Christi
Laura Wright, AIA – Del Mar College/Lopez-Salas Architects
Cliff Dickson, AIA – Dickson Builders, Inc.
Josh Seahorn, AIA – Dykema Architects
Ira Freeman, AIA – Freeman Schroeder Architects
Sheldon Schroeder, AIA – Freeman Schroeder Architects
Jorge Ollervides, Assoc. AIA – Fulton*Coastcon Construction
Jacqueline Carlson, AIA – JMC Architecture
Ron Foster, AIA – LNV
Todd Brendalen, AIA – LWA
Rob Garcia, AIA – LWA
Albert Soto, AIA – LWA
Jason Young, AIA – LWA
Mark Luddeke, AIA – Luddeke Architect
Jim Boggs, AIA – Naismith/Hanson Inc
J. Eric Rivera, AIA – Naismith/Hanson Inc
Mitch Sanchez, Assoc. AIA – Naismith/Hanson Inc
Stephen Cox, AIA – Richter Architects
Albert Delgado, Assoc. AIA – Richter Architects
Sam Morris, AIA – Richter Architects
Elizabeth Chu Richter, FAIA – Richter Architects
Erasmo Nava, AIA – SolkaNavaTorno
Jay Porterfield, AIA – SolkaNavaTorno
Ray Torno, AIA – SolkaNavaTorno
Kyle Miller, AIA – Turner Ramirez Architects
Philip Ramirez, AIA – Turner Ramirez Architects
Morgan Spear, AIA – Morgan Spear & Associates
Jennifer Hilliard, AIA – WKMC Architects
William McCord, AIA – WKMC Architects
Connie G. Rivera, AIA –  WKMC Architects
Frank Trimble, III, AIA – WKMC Architects
Bill T. Wilson, II, FAIA – WKMC Architects
Anonymous Donor

Thank you!
Connie G. Rivera, AIA
TSA Chapter Director, AIA Corpus Christi